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International Journal of Science and Healthcare Research
Vol. 3; Issue: 4; October-December 2018

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1. To Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Nursing Students Regarding Biomedical Waste Management in Selected Hospital, Punjab.

Mrs. Manpreet Kaur
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2. Study of Ant Diversity in Various Localities of Akola, Maharashtra, India.

Prema Pramod Ratnaparkhi, Dr. Gokul Kale
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3. Environmental Health Risk Assessment in Flood Prone Area; Case Study in Wajo District.

Syamsuar, Anwar Daud, Ida Leida Maria, Muh. Hatta
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4. Burr Hole Drainage for Liquefied Extradural Hematoma: Case Report and Review of Literature.

Aliyu Muhammad Koko, Nasiru Jinjiri Ismail, Ali Lasseini
[ABSTRACT][PDF Full Text] []

5. Effect of Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms. Compost on Morpho-Physiological Parameters of Blackgram (Vigna mungo (L) Hepper).

Sahana Sonter, Pramod V. Pattar, Ramalingappa
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6. Operational Research in Combating Health Problem Areas in Improving the Nutritional Status of Children in Palu.

Gurendro Putro, Wibowo
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7. Risk Factors of Malaria Incidence in Working Areas Puskesmas Dawai District East Yapen Sub Province Kepulauan Yapen.

Andi Raya Sarjatno, A.L. Rantetampang, Sarce Makaba, Anwar Mallongi
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8. Factors Influence level of Cholesterol, Triglyceride, LDL, HDL on Military and Civil Servants in the Navy Military National of Indonesia, Jayapura.

Janri Manullang, A.L. Rantetampang, Yacob Ruru, Anwar Mallongi
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9. Factors Affecting Participation of Productive Ages in Family Planning Program for Kampung Bape, Pegunungan Bintang District.

Seperyanus Kakyarmabin, Arius Togodly, Yermia Msen, Anwar Mallongi
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10. Coping Strategy, Social Support of Mother with Stress in Cancer Patients in Dok II Jayapura Hospital (Qualitative Study).

Popi Tuasuun, A.L. Rantetampang, Agus Zainuri, Anwar Mallongi
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