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International Journal of Science and Healthcare Research
Vol. 3; Issue: 1; January-March 2018
Page Number: 1 - 96
Date of Publication: 30.03.2018

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S.No. Articles Pages
1. Examining Fast Food Consumption Habits and Perceptions of University of Zimbabwe Students.

Dr Prosper Chopera
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2. Nerve Conduction Studies and Surface Electromyography in Barbers.

Dr. Priza Subedi, Dr. Dilip Thakur, Dr. Rita Khadka, Dr. Bishnu Hari Poudel
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3. Food Taboos among Pregnant Women in Health Centers, Khartoum State- Sudan, 2016.

Hadil Mohamed Hassan Tahir, Dr. Abd Elbasit Elawad Mohammed Ahmed, Dr. Nasir Ahmed Ali Mohammed
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4. Overweight: Perception of the Community in Mukim Sepang, Selangor.

Alyana F.A, Maryam Z, Anis I.A, Ukashah I, Sabariah A.H
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5. Effects of Feeding of Graded Levels of Soaked Faidherbia albida Pod Meal to Weaner Rabbits in the Guinea Savanna Zone of Adamawa State.

Isa Ibrahim Shehu, Bobboi Yakubu, Nyako H.D
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6. Agnikarma in Ayurved: An Overview.

Dnyaneshwar.K.Jadhav, Dr.Sushilkumar Jangid
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7. Effect of Cocoa on Body Weight, Waist Circumference and Visceral Fat Patient with Central Obesity.

Sugirah Nour Rahman, Citrakesumasari, Nurpudji Astuti Taslim
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8. Effect of Tillage Methods on Soil Properties, Growth and Yield of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Makurdi, Nigeria.

A. Ali, M. Usman, A.O. Adaikwu
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9. Knowledge and Perception on Tobacco Smoke Exposure towards Children in Mukim Sungai Pelek, Sepang, Selangor.

Fatin Izlaili Zaini, Maisarah Mohd Abd Rashid, Nur Rusydina Ahmad Faizal, Mohamad Ashraf Hamden, Muhamad Afiq Aman, Sabariah Abd Hamid
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10. Challenges Faced by Nurses for Implementation of Nursing Process in Special Units at Teaching Hospital Jaffna.

Thuvaraka S, Vijayanathan S, Pakeerathy M, Subathra R, Laavanya M, Priyanthi WN
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11. A Study to Assess the Habit of Mobile Use and Knowledge Regarding Radial Tunnel Syndrome among Students Residing in Selected Nursing Hostels at Vijayapur, with a View to Provide an Information Booklet.

Amarnath Shanmukhe, Soujanya Pujar
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12. Supplementations on Pregnant Women and the Potential of Moringa Oleifera Supplement to Prevent Adverse Pregnancy Outcome.

Muhammad Syafruddin Nurdin, Andi Imam Arundhana Thahir, Veni Hadju
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13. Patients' Satisfaction with Healthcare Services Received in Health Facilities in Bushenyi District of Uganda.

Awatta Walter Ochan, Kasule Aaron, SamboHaruna Aliyu, Moazzam Mohiuddin, Pwaveno Bamaiyi
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14. Effectiveness of Cinnamon Tea and Turmeric Water for Reducing Dysmenorrhoea among Degree Girls.

Afrinbanu Dyawapur, Ninganagouda G Patil , Laxmi Metri
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