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Original Research Article

Year: 2019 | Month: January-March | Volume: 4 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 7-11

School Health Screening Program at Khubi Village: A Comparative Study

Mr. Dhirajkumar Mane1, Dr. Satish V. Kakade2, Mr. Mahendra Alate3

1,3Statistician, Directorate of Research, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences “Deemed to Be” University, Karad.
2Co-ordinator, National Service Scheme, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences “Deemed to Be” University, Karad.

Corresponding Author: Mr. Dhirajkumar Mane


Background: The goal of this program is to investigate the health and wellness attitudes and novelty of students. Now a day’s health is major aspect for student to overcome illiteracy about illness and injury among adolescents. This study promoting healthy behaviors at early age it protects from health risks in adulthood for countries future.
Methods: This is comparative study between primary and secondary school students. Here self administered questionnaire & health cards were used to collect data.
Statistical Analysis:For modeling data SPSS (20.0) software, IBM, INDIA was used.
Results: The mean health knowledge Zillah parishad school students was 6.4±2.2 and high school students was 7.5±1.6 found statistically significant with p<0.05. Also personal hygiene, hygiene practices of high school students was quite good while compare it with Zillah parishad school.
Conclusion: Surrounding of high school students was better in respect of Zillah parishad students. A more strategies requires from Zillah parishad organization to bring sustainable changes from tomorrow future.

Keywords: Health status, school health screening, hygiene, BMI.

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