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Original Research Article

Year: 2019 | Month: January-March | Volume: 4 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 65-71

Oxidative Stress Parameters – A Predictive Tool for the Development of Preeclampsia

Dr. Aruna Rachel Pakyanadhan1, Dr. Sushil Pakyanadhan2, Dr. Sudeep Pakyanadhan2

1Dr VRK Women's Medical College, Dept. of Gynecology, Aziz Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500075, India
2Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences, Teaching Hospital and Research Centre, Himayatsagar Road, Hyderabad, Telangana State, India.

Corresponding Author: Dr. Aruna Rachel Pakyanadhan


Introduction: Preeclampsia, a pregnancy induced hypertensive disorder is known to be responsible for innumerable adverse fetal outcomes. This condition is known to alter the level of thiols in preeclamptic patients. Hence the present study was conducted to assess if the alteration in the levels of thiols could be used as a predictor for detecting preeclampsia and to check for their levels after the administration of L-Arginine.
Material and methods: This study recruited 186 Primigravidae women of age group 18 to 35 years. Doppler ultrasound was performed to categorize the participants into 4 groups. The recruited participants were subjected to blood tests to analyze the level of plasma thiols. Further the level of thiols was evaluated after the administration of L-Arginine.
Results: The plasma level of thiols was assessed in all the four categorized groups. Mean Cysteine levels (54.5) was lower in the subjects with Normal doppler (Group 1) than in subjects with abnormal doppler (Group 2) (114.2) which decreased back to normal after supplementation with Arginine. Similar trends were seen with respect to homocysteine and cysteinyl glycine. On the contrary mean glutathione levels (4.6) were low in subjects with abnormal doppler group 2 than the normal doppler group (6.6).
Conclusion: Altered level, i.e. increased levels of glycine, cysteinyl glycine, homocysteine and decreased levels of glutathione could be used as a marker for preeclampsia.

Keywords: Preeclampsia; L-Arginine; Doppler ultrasound; Glycine; Cysteinyl Glycine; Homocysteine; Nitric oxide

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