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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: October-December | Volume: 3 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 27-33

Operational Research in Combating Health Problem Areas in Improving the Nutritional Status of Children in Palu

Gurendro Putro1, Wibowo2

1Center for Research and Development of Humanities and Health Management, Ministry of Health, Indonesia
2Research and Development Center for Health Resources and Services, Ministry of Health, Indonesia

Corresponding Author: Gurendro Putro


The operational research of combating health problem areas (PDBK) in Palu city is done by observation starting from the activity of kalakarya, booster and sweeping toddler. This study aims to see changes individually, team and organization in tackling health problems in the city of Palu. This study is descriptive kulaittaif with intake of cross sectional data. The observations made are on the individual scale, team and organization in Palu city in tackling health problems. This activity lasted 8 months, with observation, dialogue and analysis of health data and social view of society in Palu city in relation to the weighing of children under five in posyandu. The results of this study can describe changes in individuals, teams and organizations in tackling health problems. At the level of change of consciousness and attitude quite good, but at pata level of action still not maximal. If we see the data weighing under five to fluctuate up and down and never all toddlers in posyandu.
The conclusion of this research is the implementation of the workshop and booster of PDBK in Palu city can increase the coverage of nutrition program, especially in increasing the coverage of children under five to posyandu. Sweeping toddlers who do not come to posyandu are still done by health workers and some cadres, resulting in fatigue and burnout that can hamper the achievement of other health programs. Suggestions that sweeping activity of toddlers involving cadres, Dasa Wisma and PKK village. Posyandu was formed by the community, then the village chief or village chief supported operationally. It is necessary to coordinate across sectors and programs in tackling health problems in Palu city area.

Keywords: workshops, booster, sweeping, child; posyandu

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