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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: October-December | Volume: 3 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 1-5

To Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Nursing Students Regarding Biomedical Waste Management in Selected Hospital, Punjab

Mrs. Manpreet Kaur

Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, Chitkara School of Health Sciences, Chitkara University, Rajpura, Punjab.


Introduction: A study to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of nursing students regarding Biomedical Waste Management in selected Hospital, Punjab.
Materials and Methods: The study was conducted on 45 students of GNM second year to check the knowledge, attitude and practice in nursing students related to BMW in selected Hospitals of Punjab. In this convenient purposive sampling was used. The method of data collection was questionnaire, rating scale and observation.
Result: The result of the study was out of 45 subjects the knowledge is( 60%) i.e. 27 subjects had good knowledge (35.5%) i.e. 16 subjects had average knowledge,(2%) i.e. 1 subject had v. Good knowledge whereas (2%) i.e. 1 subject had poor knowledge regarding biomedical waste management. Rating scale shows that 93% of subjects had positive attitude reading biomedical waste management. An observation criterion was carried out for three days per student 3 observations were done. Finding reveals that (44%) i.e. 20 subjects had good practice, (38%) i.e. 17 subjects had average practice, (13%) i.e. 6 subjects had very good practice, (2%) i.e. 1 subject had poor practice.
Conclusion: The study reveals that nursing students have good knowledge, positive attitude and good practice regarding biomedical waste management.

Keywords: Hospital, Biomedical waste, management.

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