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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: July-September | Volume: 3 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 55-67

The Factors Affecting to Antenatal Care Mother's Pregnant Visit in Public Helath Centre District of Mimika

Sonya Helena Yewun1, Arry Pongtiku2, Sarce Makaba3, Anwar Mallongi4

1Magister Program of Public Health, Faculty of Public Health, Cenderawasih University, Jayapura.
2,3Lecturer of Master Program in Public Health Faculty of Public Health, Cenderawasih University, Jayapura
4Environmental Health Department, Faculty of Public Health, Hasanuddin University, Makassar

Corresponding Author: Sonya Helena Yewun


Background: Utilization of antenatal care by a pregnant woman can be seen from antenatal care coverage. Mimika's coverage of antenatal care target of ANC coverage in 2017 decreased K1 91% and K4 45% was not achieved as per 95% standard. The factors affecting by characteristic is age, studies, job, ethnic, parity, married state, husband support and health officer support.
The purpose of research: to determine the factors that influence K4 pregnancy visit at Puskesmas Mimika Regency Mimika Regency of Papua Province.
Method: Quantitative descriptive study with cross sectional study design. The research was conducted in May 2018 at Timika Jaya Health Center, Central Market, Bhintuka, Mapurujaya with population is third trimester pregnant mother counted 98 mothers by purposive sampling. Data were obtained using questionnaire and analyzed using chi square test and logistic binary regression.
Results: The factors associated with ANC visit at Puskesmas Kabupaten Mimika were age (p = 0,000, RP = 3.091 CI95%, 1,974-4,842), education (p = 0,000, RP = 2,758 CI95% (1,451-5,243), parity ( (p = 0,011, RP = 6,279; CI95%; 0,951-41,453), marital status (p = 0,018; RP = 1,725; CI95%; 1,154- 2,579) and husbands support (p = 0,009; RP = 1,875; CI95%; 1,184-2,969), while unrelated factors on ANC visit at Puskesmas Kabupaten Mimika were work (p = 0,296; RP = 1,349; CI95%; 0,827- 2,199) and support of health personnel (p = 0.051, RP = 1.607, CI95% 1.079-2.393) Age, tribe, husband support and marital status are the dominant factors of ANC visit at Puskesmas Timika Kabupaten Mimika.

Keywords: Quality Service, Satisfaction, Patient, Hospital

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