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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: January-March | Volume: 3 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 76-87

Patients' Satisfaction with Healthcare Services Received in Health Facilities in Bushenyi District of Uganda

Dr. Awatta Walter Ochan1, Dr. Kasule Aaron1, SamboHaruna Aliyu1, Dr. Moazzam Mohiuddin1, Prof. Pwaveno Bamaiyi2

1Departments of Public Health, 2Department of Postgraduate Studies and Research Directorate, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Kampala International University Western Campus Box 71, Bushenyi, Uganda

Corresponding Author: Dr. Awatta Walter Ochan, MD, MPH, PGD in PPM
Email: yatgoli@gmail.com, Tel. +256774500232/+256706511979/+211954160368


Globally, patients get frustrated with the commercialization of medical services, bureaucratic healthcare system and deteriorated patient-health workers relationship, leading to dissatisfaction with healthcare services. Satisfaction is an expression of the gap between the expected and perceived characteristics of service.
Aim: To investigate patients' satisfaction with health care services received in health facilities in Bushenyi district.
Methodology: The study was a descriptive correlational type, used purposive sampling to select hospitals and health center IVs, while simple random sampling was used to select health Centre IIs and IIIs in the district. Systematic random sampling was employed to select participants. SERVQUAL and closed ended questionnaires were administered to 303 respondents. The data were analyzed using the statistical package for sciences version 21.
Results: showed that 77.9%, [95% CI (0.729-0.822)] of the respondents expressed their satisfactions with the service delivery. 22.1%, [95% CI (0.178-0.2717)] were dissatisfied. The mean difference in satisfaction between Private and Public health facilities shows t-value as 2.622 and p-value of 0.009. Binary logistic regression showed odd ration (OR): [2.072, 95% CI (1.190-3.608)] and p= 0.010. Time taken in the health facilities, p= 0.007, [OR= 5.791 95% CI (1.617-20.735)], explaining findings to patients, p-value of 0.032, [OR=1.823, 95% CI = (0.740-4.488)], waiting time to see clinicians/doctors, p= 0.043 and [OR=1.668 95%CI= (0.078-35.586)], and regular drug supply, p-value of 0.002, [OR= 3.005, 95% CI (1.486-6.077)], were statistically significant factors.
Conclusions: 77.9% of people in Bushenyi district were satisfied with health care services.

Keywords: Patient, satisfaction, services received, public and private health facilities

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