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Case Study

Year: 2017 | Month: July-September | Volume: 2 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 26-28

Case Study on Management of Madhumeha by I-Coffee

Dr. Seema Narayan Paikrao

Kayachikitsa Department, Ashvin Rural Ayurved College & Hospital, Manchi Hill, India


Diabetes mellitus is becoming fastest considerable disease in the world. It is a metabolic disorder may result in deficiency or dysfunction of the insulin production. The preventive measures in Ayurveda can prevent the disease. The main causative factor is said to be sedentary lifestyle and food habits in Ayurveda it is described in Prameha, which can be managed conservatively with exercise, diet and internal medications. Considering all the factors, the present study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of I-Coffee in the management of Madhumeha. One diagnosed case of Madhumeha was taken from the OPD of Ashvin Rural Ayurved Hospital, Manchi Hill, Sangamner. Patient was guided to take a routine of prescribed I-Coffee for 28 days, twice, with normal routine activities.

Keywords: Madhumeha, Diabetes Mellitus, I-Coffee.

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