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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: July-September | Volume: 2 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 15-18

Assessment of Stress among Medical Undergraduate Students of Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital (NMCTH)

Dr. Smriti Singh1, Dr. Barsika Katwal2, Mr. Prem Prasad Pant3

1Lecturer, Department of Physiology, Nepal Medical College
2Lecturer, Department of Forensic Medicine, Nepal Medical College
3Lecturer, Department of Community Medicine, Nepal Medical College

Corresponding Author: Dr. Smriti Singh


Studies done across the world reveals that psychological morbidity like stress is commonly present in medical undergraduate students. In Nepal, studies to document stress among medical undergraduates is very few. Therefore, in present cross-sectional study the prevalence of stress was assessed using Kessler 10 (K10) psychological distress scale. Medical undergraduates of Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital (NMCTH) participated in the study (n=150, both male and female). Kessler 10 (K10) psychological distress scale measures the levels of stress according to none, mild, moderate and severe categories. The total prevalence of stress was 62.66% and the prevalence of severe stress was 21.33%. Students should receive consultation on how to manage and cope up with stress. Preventive mental health services, supportive learning environment and student counseling services need to be made available and accessible to curb this morbidity.

Keywords: Kessler 10 psychological distress scale, medical undergraduates, stress

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